lazy write my horos 1st XD write wad happen today sin xD

ToDaY ... a very tire day for me >W<
but i feel nice
happy XD

because of U , i meet u leh XD Viwangwang


damn tall r u ><
abit nervous :X
but still steady here XD

not very disappointed meeting u :P
look quite Sweet u r
feel nice too :D

but i ... not really going to be with u right now =[
i love the feel right now
play with u
some economy problem from me ...
im sorry here :D
but is ok
hope u waiting me within this distance ^^ or closer ? XD

hmmps ... the subway bread look nice ? XD
honestly tell u XD thats i haven't taste it before


hope really sui to u ^^
is annoying thats dunno wad to buy for u ><
non oily anti fried ... omg ... thats mean drink ? XD


afta looking vijan ... accompany frenz buying x'mas gift....

damn expensive ><>
so fine it ...
change another idea to make a romantic memory to his gf...
hope he done ^^

thurday ^^ going thr again ... but she did't work =(
miss her ...
cant meet ><

but lucky !!! i done dating her on x'mas

she look like my present ...
birthday birthday
x'mas present
and many i feel will come soon :D

GOOD luck frenz :D


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